Support content for systems and services across IU

CCore Knowledge is the repository of support information for information technology at Indiana University. CCore Knowledge serves actively maintained content through both open and authorized APIs, and it is the engine behind the IU Knowledge Base.

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Where does Knowledge content originate?

System and service owners throughout IU, and specialists in the UITS Support Center, work with IU Knowledge Management to determine support needs, and then both provide the necessary information and review it for accuracy.

Who manages the content?

IU Knowledge Management, a team of content specialists working within the Support Center, creates the documents in consultation with service owners; they continually update information, revise content for greater ease of use, and manage the review of content throughout its lifecycle.

What types of content does it include?

Knowledge delivers support documents, customized to enable reuse in multiple channels, including localizations and pieces of restricted information.

Where is the content used?

Nearly all Knowledge content is delivered through the IU Knowledge Base. Select documents are used on the websites for UITS, the Pervasive Technology Institute, and other partners both inside and outside IU. Additionally, Knowledge documents provide in-application help for services like the IU Security Center.