What is CCore?

Content can be one of the most valuable business assets of an organization. Trustworthy content is at the core of delivering a high quality user experience through digital communications. Thus, we’re introducing Content Core (CCore) — an extensible content management platform built to provide a source of accurate information.

What is single-source publishing?

Single-source publishing allows the same source content to be used multiple times across different channels. A single, central information source can be more actively managed, ensuring higher standards of content, including greater accuracy. Leveraging this content across multiple websites and applications enables greater consistency for users.

CCore uses single-sourcing for all its applications, so developers can create the best possible experiences for people across the IU digital campus.

Who can use CCore content?

CCore content is available free of charge to developers across Indiana University. Additionally, much of the content is accessible via open APIs, which will let you get started right away. Authentication gives access to more restricted content, like internal Knowledge content or People information; see API documentation for more information.

Can I edit content in CCore?

Because CCore content is used across multiple websites and applications, all content creation and editing is done by content teams, who can coordinate changes with all stakeholders and determine the best way to approach information needs. These teams are dedicated to managing content and can prepare changes well before they need to be published. However, if you see anything inaccurate in CCore content, you can let these teams know; see our Contact page for more.

Future versions of CCore applications will enable some direct edits by authorized users, such as managers being able to create descriptions for their teams or services, and individual user-editable profiles.

How can I get help with CCore?

For help with CCore applications and APIs, you can contact the CCore team directly at ccore@iu.edu, or create a feature request or bug report through our Contact page.

You can also get help from other CCore users throughout IU. Links to communities of practice and other resources are available through the IU Developers portal.